Onnit is a company based in Austin, TX . Onnit was founded by Aubrey Marcus in 2008, who saw a need in the health and supplement industry for natural ingredients. Onnit continuously produces natural and safe products to help people achieve optimal health and fitness levels. Onnit strives to provide people with supplements and natural ingredients that can help them achieve optimum levels of health in both their physical and mental states.


  • Great Selection Of Products
  • Fast Shipping
  • Great Customer Service


  • Some don't like the taste of the supplements

Product Categories

Onnit sells supplements, protein powders, vitamins, natural ingredients and more. Company use highest quality ingredients to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of their products. Their products are made with natural ingredients and are free of gluten, dairy and soy.

Products and Pricing

Onnit offers various products to help people achieve optimal levels of health and fitness. They offer protein powders, pre-workout supplements, vitamins, superfood blends, etc. Onnit makes sure that all of their products are natural, using only the finest ingredients to ensure effectiveness and safety.

Some of the well-known products that Onnit produces include Alpha Brain and Primal Blueprint Vitamins Protein supplements. 
Onnit products are priced in a wide range. Some of the products, such as their protein powders, are priced at $30-$40 per container. Other items like the Alpha Brain and Super Sport supplements are priced at around $50-$60 per container.

Onnit also produces non-supplement items that help its customers achieve peak health and fitness levels. Onnit offers apparel (like men & women's T-shirts and shorts), priced from $15 to $100 per item. 

Onnit also offers fitness equipment products such as dumbbells and resistance bands (pictured below). The products are priced in a wide range, but most are around $50 per item. They also produce their line of supplements called Superfood. Onnit sells various types of supplements, including protein powders and pre-workout formulas. Other items are available from Onnit, like apparel and fitness equipment. 


Products Benefits To Users

Supplements help users stay healthy and can maintain a normal and healthy life. Supplements help users stay active and fit.
Onnit nutrition products benefit users by providing a convenient, healthy alternative to replace meals.

Other products such as onnit clothing, gym equipment and other items provide users with useful items they would not normally be able to afford.
Onnit apparel products provide users with unique and fashionable clothing items that give them a great look and show others that they are dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, Onnit supplements are safe and healthy to use. 
Onnit is a great brand for people trying to achieve optimum health the natural way on a budget.

The protein powders they make come in various flavors (like chocolates and cookies and cream) to provide users with a great tasting alternative to eating meals. 

Advantages Over Competitors

Onnit also strives to make sure that all of the ingredients in their supplements are natural, free of any artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. Heir products are free of gluten, dairy and soy. When a new ingredient is added, they test it to ensure it is safe for consumption. Onnit also makes sure to produce its products to keep the environment safe. 
Onnit makes it a point only to use the best and most effective natural ingredients to ensure that their customers have optimal health and fitness levels. 
Onnit allows customers to buy the products at a time that suits them without making them feel pressured into buying more products than they need.
Onnit provides a wide range of different products, from pre-workout supplements to fitness equipment and protein powders.
Onnit uses only natural ingredients and only the highest quality ingredients in their products. 
Onnit provides customers with enough information to make an informed decision before purchasing their products. They provide detailed descriptions of each product so people can understand what they are buying fully.

Onnit Positive And Negative User Feedback

Onnit positive: People have shown positive feedback on the antioxidants in the Onnit supplements and protein powders. Some people said that their bladder felt clearer, and their diet was easier to manage.

Onnit negatives: The only negative feedback that Onnit has received is about the taste of their products, specifically the protein powders. Some users thought their product tasted chalky, but most people did not notice a difference in taste between brands.