Nootropics Depot


Nootropics depot is a prominent nootropics vendor in the US and probably worldwide. They deal with everything from herbs and supplements to various nootropic stacks. They sell everything for a fraction of the price. Nootropics depot is an excellent vendor for those who are looking to experiment with different types of nootropics and get a feel for what works best for them.


  • Great Selection Of Products
  • Timely Delivery
  • Customer Service


  • Relatively New Company


Some of the products are

1. Alpha GPC
This is a popular product in the nootropics industry. It has many benefits and has been proven to have tremendous impact on individuals suffering from various brain disorders. 

2. caffeine + l-theanine capsules
A combination of caffeine and l-theanine is an excellent product for those looking to get only the most important benefits of both substances.Caffeine is excellent for boosting energy levels.It has been proven to assist individuals in being more awake,alert and attentive.


The products they sell are of great quality and are safe to consume. They are not made with fillers and they do not contain harmful side effects. It also ensures that their product is effective, so you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on different supplements to make them work.


Nootropics Depot offers good prices on all the products that they sell. The information given on the website is very thorough, covering all aspects of the product. You can buy their products or get them as a sample, in which case you can purchase a small quantity that's only enough to test. They accept many forms of payment including Bitcoin and they deliver worldwide within a 2-3 day delivery.

Shipping & Return Policy

Nootropics Depot has an international shipping policy which ensures they deliver their product across the globe. The shipping rates are fixed and affordable so it's an easy process to complete the transaction and see your product delivered right to your door. They accept a return policies within 30 days of purchase, and the money is refunded in full.

Customer Service

The customer service department at Nootropics Depot is very helpful and friendly. They are able to answer any questions that you may have regarding their product. The staff is competent and professional, thus one can expect to receive the right advice every time they seek assistance. They have a good reputation, and thousands of customers recommend them for all the services they offer.