The Neurohacker is a company with headquarters based in Encinitas, California. Daniel Schmachtenberger co-founded it in 2015. It produces nootropics and supplements designed to enhance cognitive performance, neuroprotection, and brain function. Neurohacking is a relatively new approach to developing brain functions and enhancing learning and memory. It encourages people to utilize the power of their mind (or "neuro") to improve cognitive performance. Neurohacker products include cognitive boosters, scents, candles, supplements, and a sleep mask. All products are designed for optimal effectiveness from manufacturing through to distribution. This means no unnecessary waste or loss of potency due to packaging or shipping methods.


  • Well researched with good ingredience
  • Great Customer Service
  • Fast Shipping


  • Is a bit pricey

Neurohacker Products and Pricing

* Neuroscience ($15): All-natural aromatherapy candles, scents, and diffusers are designed to boost brain function through the sense of smell. So far, there are three scents: focus, relax and sleep.

* Neurostim (30 capsules - $35): A supplement designed to improve focus, memory, and mental acuity. Vitamin B12, Bacopa Monnieri (50% extract), Gotu Kola Extract (50% extract), L-glutamine, and Alpha GPC. Therefore, it is a source of the amino acid L-glutamine, known to improve the brain's fuel.

* Nootropics Complex ($50): A precursor of cognitive enhancers. Boosts focus and attention and improves sleep quality and memory function. Moreover, this product is made from powerful bioactive nutrients such as Gingko Biloba, Bacopa, and Vinpocetine.

* Nootropics ($30): Most popular and well-researched nootropic supplements are fast-acting and high quality. Again, this supplement is made from Bacopa, Caffeine, and Rhodiola ingredients.

* Nootropic 5-HTP ($20): A premium quality nootropic supplement improves grey matter density, synapses, and cognitive function. This product is perfect for beginners in the nootropic industry who wish to start at a low dosage with higher benefit levels.

* Neurohacker Sleep Mask ($40): Offers a relaxing alternative to sleeping pills, helping users fall asleep easily while remaining alert during the night.

* Lucid Dreaming Mask ($50): Developed for lucid dreaming but also has a stimulating effect on the prefrontal cortex.
Apart from the already available Neurohacker products, others are being worked on. Some of the products expected include Neurobics (brain puzzles), Neurocalm (a natural way to deal with stress), and even a Neurovitamins line. Neurohacker is also known to have a tremendous social impact.

Benefits of Neurohacker Over Competitors:

There is much to love about Neurohacker, from how their products operate and their effectiveness over other alternative products. Therefore, Neurohacker is unique in its approach to producing natural supplements. 
Their products are well researched, made with high-quality ingredients, and made to last. The band offers reliable, better manufacturing and shipping methods. They also boast of having proper data security for their customers.

Neurohacker's Positive and Negative User Reviews

1. Positive User review:

I have loved all of the Neurohacker products I have tried so far. (Ashley Paxton)

I was using the Nootropic 5-HTP, which did boost my cognitive performance. I now have the full mindset required to be at my best whenever needed. (Patrick Donnelly)

I really like the Neurohacker products! I have tried the focus and sleep mask, and they are both very effective at improving my ability to concentrate and stay asleep while also being more alert. (Henry potter )

2. Negative User review:

" I tried the Neurostim, and although it did some positive things for my mental performance, it also gave me headaches and made me feel slightly nauseous. (Xander Verhaag)

" I really tried to like this product and asked the company to let me try it again, but I had no change in my reaction. (Fatma Hassan )