MINDSCOPIC is a company based in Maastricht, Netherlands, producing the purest nootropic supplements that enhance a healthy and energetic lifestyle. The company founder and CEO is Koen Indesteege, a nutrition enthusiast who started the brand to make natural pharmaceuticals that will help optimize both body and mind. All mindscopic products are certified vegan and are naturally sourced and GMO-free, with no flavors and colors.


  • Great Selection Of Products
  • Good Price
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  • Relatively New Company

Mindscopic Products And Pricing

Mindscopic products come in two forms, capsules and powdered forms. The standard products include CLEAR FOCUS, EXPLORE PACKAGE, SLEEPWELL SPRAY, MOODMASTER, PURIFIED HEMP, VITAMIN D SPRAY, CLEAR FOCUS, CAFFEINE-FREE, SLEEPWELL & VITAMIN D, PERFORM PACKAGE. All these products are made of pure, naturally sourced ingredients. They are available data very affordable prices to the uses. Additionally, they are also available with other non-banned stimulants (no color, flavor, and GMO).

Mindscopic Products Benefits

Mindscopic products come with a plethora of benefits that include boosting up energy and productivity. Practically the products enhance overall cognitive functions, increasing focus, brainpower, and concentration. You will have increased alertness, especially during those times of need [staying alert during racecar driving or even in the workplace], which improves endurance and stamina.

You get an increase in focus without the stress or anxiety of caffeine. Uplifting mood boosts creativity, to name just a few. Moreover, students can use Mindscopic products as study aids. Mindscopic products are a study drug that helps you stay focused, clear your mind, and stay on top of your studies.

Advantages of Mindscopic Company Over Competitors

1. Unique products - Mindscopic offers a variety of products under each category. It provides different means of delivery, be it in powder form or in pill form, to appeal to the taste of the different users. Mindscopic has a variety of products that provide you with additional benefits. Some enhance your cognitive health, and others enhance your overall health.

2. Affordability - Mindscopic products are very affordable, and anyone can easily afford any of the products. They are directly shipped from the company headquarters, and they do not beg for extra charges on shipping.

3. Discreetness - Mindscopic comes in many forms and has various means of delivery. For instance, SLEEPWELL SPRAY, is a nasal spray, which is very discreet to use, especially if you are at work or doing public speaking engagements.

4. Ease of use - Mindscopic products are very easy to use, whether its in capsule or powder form. Just take the right dosage, and you will see the benefits.

Mindscopic Summary User Reviews

 Positive User Reviews:

1. I would highly recommend mindscopic products to anyone who has a job that requires alertness and extra focus, such as driving trucks, flying airplanes, and being an emergency medical technician. I've had 3 different friends...

2. Five years ago i discovered mindscopic products when my doctor diagnosed me with adhd, which then got worse during my pregnancy and breastfeeding. My 5-year-old daughter is highly active, loud, and always on the go and never sit still until she takes her mindscopic products. Her symptoms of ADHD improved so much that her teacher reported her to the school psychologist, who...

3. I have used mindscopic products for over a year now. I am an operator's dispatcher in the military and my commute is long. I purchased the MINDSCOPIC supplement because it is a healthy alternative to coffee and sugar.

Negative User Reviews:

1. After two years i am still on the high dose of my first bottle. Not a single person in my family has been able to tolerate the product, and almost none of them do daily. They all have pain, fatigue, and digestive issues even when not on the products. The product worked great for me because I was constantly tired at a low dose. Now that...

2. I tried these based on a recommendation from a friend. I had high hopes for the product, but it fell short of delivering what it advertised. I paid the full price and did not get a discount for a bad review.