BrainMD is a new brain supplement company started in early 2009 and is owned by Dr Daniel Amen. The company headquarters is in Irvine, California. BrainMD offers two main products, called BrainMD and BrainMD AM/PM. The brain function supplements contain a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients that are claimed to increase attention span and concentration while decreasing anxiety in those who use them.


  • Good Price
  • Fast Shipping
  • Great Selection Of Products


  • Somewhat mixed customer feedback

BrainMD Products and Pricing

The company has claimed that it is the first dietary supplement to be clinically demonstrated to cure ADHD and treat other areas of brain function. According to the company, our research and development direction has been toward a "one-stop" approach for all brain function disorders. 

 Products: BrainMD brand retails various supplements for everyone's needs. Some supplements are designed for daily essentials, focus and attention, stress and anxiety, memory, mood support, sleep and relaxation, kids, immunity, functional food, and bundles.

BrainMD products contain a broad range of vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients that do not provide side effects to any of the ingredients. The company also claims that its supplements can be used safely by children and adults. 

BrainMD supplements pricing: For the BrainMD products, there is a 15% discount for customers using the coupon code. BrainMD supplements prices differ based on the country that you are ordering from. Some examples are $69.99 for 30 pills in the US, CAD 99.99 for 30 pills in Canada, and 49.99 Pounds in the UK.

Benefits Of Using BrainMD products

Brain health support: Most of the BrainMD claims are based on the company's research and development process, which integrates clinical research with cutting-edge technology. 

Mental Performance boosting effects: The company's products contain a broad range of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are claimed to increase attention span and reduce stress to those who use them. 

A wide range of products to choose from: The company offers over 25 unique product lines with a flexible payment plan that allows you to only pay for the supplements you need. 

BrainMD advantages over competitors

* The company is the first of its kind to offer what they claim are clinically proven brain performance supplements.

* The company uses the latest scientific research to create its products.

* Their products are sold in more than 130 countries. Therefore, they are on the list of best-selling brain supplements.

* The company offers flexible payment plans that allow you only to pay for the supplements you need.

* The company's product line has a wide range of products designed to improve memory, concentration, and focus.

*, Unlike other companies that offer general nutritional supplements, BrainMD products are focused on supporting and improving mental health. 

BrainMD customer reviews

For a product to be highly rated by its users, it must also score well in the customer review section. A simple search for BrainMD will show multiple positive reviews from satisfied customers who have used the product for a number of months.

Positive reviews:
Several of the reviews are written by medical doctors who have used BrainMD products with their patients and recommend other patients to try out the supplements. The positive reviews of BrainMD say that the supplement improved their mental functions such as concentration, focus, alertness, and energy.

* "Absolutely the best supplement on the market!! I don't know what else to say but BRAINMD really works and is very affordable. I wish they had a coupon code I could use all year round because this will be my only over-the-counter drug now."(Davidson prince)

* "One of the best products ever. I would give this product 10 stars out of 5. The product really works!"(pinkrose)

* "I have been using BrainMD for over 6 months now. (Kelly)

Negative reviews:
Some of the negative reviews on BrainMD come from people who claim that they tried out the product and it still had no effect on their brain health. In other words, they did not see any difference after using the BrainMD supplements for some time.

* "I like the product, BrainMD. I agree that my brain is working better than before. However, the order did not arrive, and I had to reach out to customer support for assistance in getting a refund. (Claire)

* "I am using BrainMD, and do not affect my brain health."(Brittany)


BrainMD Shipping / Customer Service

Shipping is available at no cost through the company website, and they can be reached by phone Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, Pacific Time. Within 24 hours of placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail and additional tracking information when your package leaves the warehouse. In addition, customers are supported by a toll-free customer service line which is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST.